Show Your True Colours® can be coached by a trainer of Inner Sense or by a trainer of your own company.

Coached by Inner Sense
Inner Sense is specialized in coaching of managers in trade and industry through applying sensible essentials in leadership. Inner Sense’s Coaches and trainers are experienced in leading workshops and accompanying the game.

If you choose for the coaching program of Show Your True Colours® in accompaniment of Inner Sense, please call for an appointment: 0031 35 5388508.

Coached by a trainer of your own company.
A person will be trained as licensee of Show Your True Colours®. Through this, one has the right to accompany the management game and to coach. Through this, qualities, pitfalls and results stay in their safe environment.

If you choose to appoint your own trainer, please look at Purchase.

Size of the team
The game can be played by different team sizes. In accompaniment of one coach, 4 to a maximum of 8 participants can play the game. When 2 coaches are accompanying a team, 16 participants can play the game.