Inner Sense

Inner Sense, founded in 1992, is a consultancy firm that is focused on sustainable and socially conscious leadership. Inner Sense organizes special programs for business leaders related to personal development, vitality (work-life balance) and team development, by structurally applying ‘essentials in leadership’. In the context of these programs, the basic principles of the Earth Charter are supported and promoted.

The programs are tailored to leaders who strive for innovation, meaningfulness in their work and efficient use of their energy. Inner Sense offers customized programs, focused on stress management and personal development, in order to develop a more personal form of leadership.

Brigitte van Baren, coach, author and zen teacher, is the inspiring force behind Inner Sense. She is program director of Zen for Leadership, creator of Show Your True Colours, a management improvement method, and inventor of the concept Zenergy for You.

Show Your True Colours

Show Your True Colours

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