Zen for Leadership

Sometimes it is necessary to go far away – to arrive at oneself

In the of calmness of this unique location – the “Gaia Oasis” resort on Bali, all conditions are met to rebalance body, mind and spirit. Especially for people in responsible positions this is seems a permanent challenge.

The healing atmosphere of this beach resort will help us to come to ourselves. Here stress and destructive mental pressure falls away very easily. Being with people in comparable professional positions makes it easier to identify our own roles in life in order to re-adjust them.

The time is largely spent in silence and with considerably reduced communication. The focus is on Zen practice: sitting in silence, meditative wandering and focused dialogues in between. As with all seminars of “Zen for Leadership”, here the physical balance is a major concern. This happens with carefully prepared vegetarian meals and special physiotherapeutic exercises.

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