Show Your True Colours

Show Your True Colours® is a Management Improvement Method in game-format developed by Inner Sense in 2004 and has since successfully trained numerous management teams. Inner Sense also provides this method to coaching professionals.


Show Your True Colours® is a methodic approach in game-format, which focuses on obtaining insight into the qualities of individual participants and how these qualities have an influence on other members of the team. Participants obtain a clear image of their own personality, and of the dynamics between different personalities in the team.

Aim of the methodic approach Show Your True Colours:

  • Obtaining insight into one’s psychological orientation.
  • Obtaining insight into one’s qualities in conjunction with others.
  • Exploring the effects of different personal qualities in a team.

Results for the participants:

  • Awareness of individual qualities.
  • Awareness of general personal strengths.
  • Points for improvement given by team members.
  • An outline of an individual’s personal orientation, with three personal points for development.
  • An outline of the team, with three points for development of the team in general.

Duration: 4 – 6 hours, depending on the size of the team