Brigitte van Baren wrote several articles and has given numerous interviews on personal development and meaningfulness in business. In the links below you will find a selection of these publications.

Giving meaning to life & business: they seem to be miles away from each other. The spiritual world and the world of money can even be conflicting. Yet companies are moving increasingly, pushed by the crisis, towards the spiritual path. “We are heading towards a meaningful economy”.
Zen teacher guides and coaches companies. “There is too little attention for emotions in business.” Venray – personal depth in business? Brigitte van Baren, Zen teacher and founder of Inner Sense, coaches and guides managers and employees in the quest for personal depth. “Companies should make more time for reflection”.
Ssshhh. A search for peace. As a child she did not like silence. Even in bed she kept her walkman on. But in recent years, Stephanie Baker, like many in the Netherlands, felt an increasing need for rest in her head. She went to the Sinai desert to be silent for five days.
Risk, Settlers of Catan, Monopoly: for a good game you can wake me up. So when I heard about Brigitte van Baren developed a game for management teams combining MBTI with Jung, I was about to jump.
Where does the time go? Suppose we would really have an extra hour per day, what would we do with it? And what does the answer to that question tell us?
What is the strength of your team? Through the Management Improvement Method ‘Show Your True Colours’ you will discover, playful and within a short period of time, the strength of each team member.
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