Management Team Quick Scan

Future successful management teams – Soft values for best results

A quick scan of your (management) team gives you within a very short period of time insight into the existing qualities of both individual members of the team as the combination of the members within the team related to objectives.

  • This scan is performed based on a proven formula that not only based the current status (talents and abilities) of the team, but also maps out the development potential related to intended results.
  • With this quick scan you will receive within a short period of time insight into the qualities of the team members and an advice on how the potential of the entire team can be optimized further.
  • This analysis is based on the Zenmind Model, the theory of Carl Gustav Jung and the Show Your True Colours format.

You can choose between two versions

  1. A Quick Scan open version
    This analysis is performed by means of a session with the client and interviews with team members individually. On this basis, the grades are identified and related to the proposed team goals / team results
  2. A Quick Scan private version
    This analysis is based on two interviews with the client without personal contact with the team. It is in cooperation with the manager  that the team potential will be analysed.


  • The open version includes personal interviews with each team member, the time investment based on a maximum team size of six team members including scan report includes discussion of the report with the client. The expected duration is 2 weeks
  • In the private version, the time investment is based on a team size of six team members including scan report and discussion  of the scan analyses with the client. The expected duration is 1 week.


  • Open version € 4990, – excluding VAT
  • Private Version € 2950, – excluding VAT

Expected results of the open version

  • The own sense of personal qualities of the individual MT members
  • Insight into the personal qualities in relation to the other MT members
  • Establish the team profile – team potential
  • Identifying the challenges for this team as a whole with some guidelines to improve team effectiveness
  • All captured in an easy template

Expected results quick scan closed version

  • The clients understanding of  the potential of individual team members
  • Understanding the qualities of the management team as a whole related to intended results.