Leadership programs

The programs for leadership and team development give an insight into the participants’ personal way of functioning and overall methods of cooperation. This knowledge and insight will lead to a significant improvement of internal harmony, communication and social dynamics within the organization, all of which will lead to very real and tangible results.

Inner Sense performs its projects in all economic and public sectors. Programs are custom-made, well prepared and guided by top professionals.
Personal Analysis / Team Analysis

  • Personal analysis (individual: linked to coaching program if so desired)
  • Registering one’s potential through a personal profile report (3 weeks)
  • Personal analysis aimed at potential leadership qualities
  • Team analysis aimed at improving cooperation, including a team profile report (4 weeks)
  • Tailor-made team training sessions
  • Team training sessions using the Management Improvement Method ‘Show Your True Colours’

Coaching Programs

  • Individual coaching program of 6 months
  • Personal intensive coaching, 1 + 3 coaching sessions
  • Leadership coaching
  • Mindfulness training and stress resistance training, 8 sessions

Zen for leadership, a three day seminar (5 per annum) in Germany and the Netherlands. More…

Exclusive Leadership Programmes
These activities take place on several locations. More information upon request.


Italy – maximum of 10 participants led by 2 professionals.

  • Practical serving leadership
  • Empathetic leadership
  • Experiencing silence and inspiration
  • Discussion and exchange

Bali – maximum of 20 participants led by 2 professionals
the Netherlands- maximum of 20 participants led by 2 professionals
Germany – maximum of 20 participants led by 2 professionals