Kracht van compassie (‘Power of Compassion’)

Kracht van compassie (‘Power of Compassion’)
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About the Book

This book describes a new style of leadership, which will give managers more grip in dealing with the global crisis. Some important guidelines in this matter are love for nature, compassion towards other people, and genuine simplicity.
Experience indicates that the ancient mystics were inspiring and innovative leaders. And one of them was St. Francis of Assisi. His life shows clearly how much power there is in soft values, such as love and compassion, when they are fully expressed in one’s way of living and acting.
The universal and actual value of Franciscan leadership is placed in a wider context by comparing it with elements of Zen Buddhism and by the included interviews with three prominent leaders: Ruud Lubbers, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands; Tex Gunning, Board member at AKZO-Nobel; and the Brazilian liberation theologian Leonardo Boff.