Effectiever werken

Effectiever werken
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ISBN: 9789056702083

About the Book

In today’s business community, many people suffer from the high pace in which life unfolds. The constant demand for more performance in less time seems to cause an nearly inhuman way of working and often leads to sickness and burn-out. For that reason it is necessary to turn away from this unhealthy spiral and to introduce moments of silence in the office.
</br>Integrating meditative moments in the working pattern shows to have positive effects: it will create room for new enthusiasm and inspiration, and eventually will give better results.
</br>By means of practical guidelines, this book shows how one can live and work with real attention. It explains as well how to maintain a calm and mindful inner attitude during work. It discusses various meditation methods, with practical mindfulness exercises for in the office. On the added CD, there are five meditation exercises that learn how to apply moments of quiet and real attention in a working environment.