Connected through Insight

Connected through Insight

Heart for yourself – Heart for the Earth

When we watch our heart in silence, we understand ourselves better and are able to recognize our own imperfection. This makes us gentler towards our colleagues and friends when they make mistakes. It makes our hearts wide, so that we stand next to our fellow human beings and do not feel ourselves superior. This creates warmth and connection with others. In silence we learn the natural depth within, so that we are capable to recognize the nature around us as part of ourselves.

We will be more aware of this when we walk through a forest. The Natural within ourselves connects us with the trees and the animals around us. The heart mind in ourselves leads to warm feelings for others and ultimately to heart feelings for the earth. We just have to melt our hearts. It’s so easy to give it a try and so difficult at the same time.

The highest good at the right place

His heart is great

His mind is deep

His word is true

His leadership is righteous

His work attuned

And acting at the right time …

On monday March, 7 Paul de Blot gives a lecture on business spirituality.
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