Free and happy

Free and happy

Free and without worries

They fly from branch to branch

and from tree to tree

The birds in my garden

Happier than I am!

(Onoe Shibafune)

How little do we feel happy and without worries at work? Often, we feel ourselves trapped within the hectic structures of our lives. Like a goose in a bottle: unable to free ourselves from this narrowness. Our thoughts keep us from it. We think that we have to go on holiday. Or that we, when we meet some material desires, can conquer this freedom, often without success. So, get out of the bottle and do it now!

In Zen this is possible. We need to do nothing more than just attentively perceive nature around us: sunrise, the moon, the birds in our garden. Without thoughts, they show us every time how easy and unconditionally happiness can be found everywhere. So free yourself of your thoughts by letting go your thoughts, in one breath: easy and difficult at the same time.

Sometimes it is necessary to go far away – in order to return to oneself
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