Look fear in the eye and find new freedom

Look fear in the eye and find new freedom

Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom, which means the end of fear.


In moments of fear we tend to be defensive. Such evasive manoeuvres cut us off from life. If we would have the courage to look at fear, the freedom that lies behind our fears would open.

Fear is always an existential feeling because it shows how vulnerable we are. Sometimes we tend to flee in order to keep our fears at distance. We retreat, hoping that the fear will disappear. Or we fight against it in order not to feel powerless. Both responses, however, ignore the reality. The Chinese philosophy reconciles this paradox in the principle of wu wei, which means as much as: act without acting. Laozi explains: “The wise man acts, by doing nothing.” By this he means that we can develop a sense of the
flow of life, without intervening immediately. This inner process sharpens our perception.

Sometimes it is necessary to go far away – in order to return to oneself
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