Peace begins from within yourself

Peace begins from within yourself

Bright shining day! Outrageous to feel so stressful


Unpleasant messages from friends, a nagging boss, traffic jams on the highway – many reasons why our life seems anything else but peaceful. However, we can find peace if we start with ourselves.

We cannot change how things are. How we interpret them, ultimately depends on our view of the world and on how we perceive them. Therefore, the Vietnamese Zen master and peace activist Thích Nhất Hạnh said: “Peace is at every moment. Peace begins with yourself.” That seems simple. But to put it this into practice seems rather difficult. From the Zen perspective however, it is quite easy, because Zen focuses on the present moment of ‘Now’. If we are with our heart and soul completely present at this very moment, peace will happen by itself. In moments when we feel hurt or are worried, it may seem impossible to accomplish this inner peace. But these everyday situations are precisely the most challenging. They can open for us the door to inner peace. If we are able to meet them in an open relaxed way, our daily life will be more at peace.

Sometimes it is necessary to go far away – in order to return to oneself
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