Slow is Faster

Slow is Faster

It often happens that we are in a rush, while we are unaware of it. It seems as if we constantly increase the pace with which we manage our daily tasks, and yet it seems to us that we haven’t done enough. This drives us to increase our speed even more until we reach our limit.

The Brazilian Ricardo Semler, founder of the Group Semco, has experienced this situation a few years ago. He was a very successful entrepreneur who owned several companies and earned millions, until a serious accident put him on hold. For months he could not work anymore. He realized how chased he had lived and decided to concentrate in the future only on the things that really matter.

Often we need a crisis, a conflict or even a burn-out to reach such an insight. Just when we are in a hurry, it would be good to slow down our pace again to create moments of silence, where we can mindfully observe the hectic playfield we are dealing with. This distance creates mental space, not only to look at ourselves, but also to set the right priorities and therefore to be more effective.

One participant from the training Zen For Leadership once put it this way: “Since I was doning things slowly, everything that had to be done was miraculously finished faster.” Try it once as an experiment: the slower we are, the faster we will become.

Sometimes it is necessary to go far away – in order to return to oneself
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