Success and Happiness

Success and Happiness
Success is not the key to happiness

But if you love what you are doing, you will be successful


It frequently happens that we have to do the tedious work at the office and our daily happiness is far away. What is the cause of this? Is it the work itself to blame, the workload of your job, or your pursuit of excellence?

Perhaps we focus too much on measurable success indicators instead of looking for mutual cooperation and improving the work atmosphere. If you do what you love you will be successful. This means doing your work wholeheartedly. This may not be feasible for 100%. But it is possible to accomplish this for 70%. To reach this state, it’s important to develop an open attitude that can give and receive affection. This creates a mutual cordiality which contributes to the mutual working atmosphere and also improves the common result.

Try it out. When you start your workday, greet your colleagues with a friendly attitude and see what effect this has.

Sometimes it is necessary to go far away – in order to return to oneself
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