Winning and losing

Winning and losing

Tell me what is better: releasing or holding?


A central aspect of our lives is that we like to hold on to positive things. This is also reflected in the business world. We always want to win  in  realizing more profit. We hold on to the idea that it must continually go on in this way. We simply cannot accept that in business there is constant movement, and although we sometimes win,  we will also lose.

To accept this losing, is difficult for most of us, because we always have the tendency that stick to  we experience as positive. Our challenge, however, is to let of this attitude. Life itself is always changing. We know this is very concrete in our body. Our cells are constantly renewed, and therefore our body is in a constant flow  of fluctuation (which we can see very well, if we look at older photos). A friend whom we meet today will be different when we meet him tomorrow. Not only the cells change. The air we breathe, is always another. So everything changes around us – whether we are aware of it or not.

In business this is exactly the same. Only if we manage to go along with this change, and accept losing we can discover that  hidden behind this Losing  a winning aspect  unfolds. Therein we gain our independence and thus our freedom. Which is better from this angle? Winning or losing?.

Photo: R. Seitz

Sometimes it is necessary to go far away – in order to return to oneself

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