Meer bereiken met minder doen (‘Achieving more by doing less’)

Meer bereiken met minder doen (‘Achieving more by doing less’)
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ISBN: 9789056702519

About the Book

The present business world is demanding and asks constantly for a better performance in less time. Consequently, many persons work under high pressure and have not enough time for rest and relaxation. But even in a hectic life, one can experience rest and silence, by restraining the mind with focused awareness. Then there will arise inner space and freedom, in which we are able to establish right priorities. This mindful attitude brings forth a creative way of thinking and acting, with a right timing. Applying moments of silence and reflection leads us to better results, and less mental stress.

This book discusses the role of consciousness according to the views of C.G. Jung, Ken Wilber and Zen master Jef Boeckmans, completed with the very personal views of the author. Besides, particular similarities and differences between psychology and Zen are explored, as well as issues like stress, time management, and communication based on the principle of wu wei (action through no-action). In this context, the approach of one’s own affective values is related to the body center, that monitors the vital forces and often seems to manifest more wisdom than rational thought does.