The Multi-stakeholder Dialogue ‘Wings for Water’ | March 2013

Wings for Water was a Multi-stakeholder Dialogue on Water, co-organized by Inner Sense at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During this event, leaders from business, the spiritual world, society and youth organizations gathered. This international conference was held on March 21 at the Peace Palace in The Hague as a prelude to the international celebration of World Water Day on March 22.

The outstanding contributions and presentations of various leaders and experts made it clear that we can we can all contribute to achieving a world with safe water. Experts and leaders from civil society and business all made contributions to the “Wake Up Call for Water Cooperation ‘. Along with recommendations for the post-2015 development agenda, this Call was one of the main results of the dialogue. The results were presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands to the High Level Panel of the UN on World Water Day.

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