Discover your sustainable talents

Posted by on 29 Apr, 2021 in Blog, Show Your True Colours

Discover your sustainable talents with the new digital Show your Sustainable Colours Game Show your sustainable Colours is a innovative...

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WATER FOR ALL – Living Water Drop

Posted by on 29 Apr, 2021 in Blog, Earth Charter

A special ritual takes place on July 1st at the International Peace Palace The Hague. Spiritual leaders from around the world make us...

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This moment matters as art of living!

Posted by on 12 Jul, 2016 in Blog, Zen for Leadership

Every new day I walk only one Path The Path of  Arts That is the way of beauty And the way the Gods follow Tokoshuma Hagoromo Many of us...

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Earth Charter Diner – Sowing a culture of Peace connecting partners

Posted by on 6 Jul, 2016 in Blog, Earth Charter

Woensdag 29 juni jl. vond op het SBI Landgoed Zonheuvel een Exclusief Earth Charter Diner plaats. Deze bijeenkomst stond in het teken van International Earth Charter Day; de 16e verjaardag van het Earth Charter die jaarlijks wordt gevierd op 29 juni. Vorig jaar is ter gelegenheid van het 15 jarig Earth Charter Jubileum een Earth Charter boom geplant.

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The effectiveness of the crocodile look

Posted by on 27 Jun, 2016 in Zen for Leadership

How often aren’t we frustrated because we would like to realize things with our will although reality takes us into a different direction? Obviously we cannot prevent that life often takes quite a different turn. For example if we are suddenly unfairly dismissed. We experience this as misfortune.

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Peace begins from within yourself

Posted by on 29 Apr, 2016 in Zen for Leadership

Bright shining day! Outrageous to feel so stressful

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